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The Motorcycle and Side Car Testers Manual

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Section 1  Lighting equipment, stop lamps, reflectors and direction indicators 

Front and rear position lamps, rear registration plate lamps, rear fog lamps
Stop lamps
Rear reflectors
Direction indicators
Headlamp aim
Audible Warning

Section 2 Steering (including suspension)

Steering control
Steering system
Front Suspension and wheel bearings
Rear Suspension and wheel bearings
Wheel Alignment (solo Machines)
Section 3 Brakes
Brake Controls
Brake Systems
Brake performance

Section 4 Tyres and Wheels 


Section 5 Side Cars

Suspension and Wheel Bearings
Wheel Alignment

Section 6 Body and Structure

Condition of Structure
Seats, Footrests and Transmission
Registration Plates and Vehicle Identification Number

Section 7 Fuel and Exhaust Systems 

Exhaust System
Fuel System
Appendix B 
Assessment of Corrosion