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The Testers Manual

1.5 Reflectors

Method of Inspection
Reason for rejection
This inspection applies to the two obligatory rear reflectors that are required by Regulation to be fitted.

Rear reflectors are not required to be fitted to vehicles used only during the hours of daylight, which are fitted with neither front nor rear position lamps, etc. (See 1.1.A)

Approval marks are not included in the inspection.

Reflective tape is not acceptable as a substitute for a rear reflector.

Tricycle and quadricycle requirements are detailed at Section 9.1.
1.  Check that the required numbers of reflectors are:

a.  fitted

Note:  The precise position of obligatory rear reflectors is not part of the inspection, but check visually that the lamps are at about the same height and the same distance from each side of the vehicle.

b.  in good working order

Note:  At least 50% of the reflecting surface must be visible from the rear

c.  red in colour.
1.  A reflector:

a.  missing, insecure, obviously incorrectly positioned or does not face to the rear

b. excessively damaged, deteriorated or obscured so that its function is impaired

c.  not red in colour.
Issue Date 01 January 2012