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Section 1  Lamps, Reflectors and Electrical Equipment 

Front and rear position lamps, End Outline Marker Lamps and registration plate lamps
Stop lamps
Rear Fog Lamps
Direction indicators and hazard warning devices
Rear reflectors
Audible Warning (Horn)
Headlamp aim
Electrical Wiring and Battery

Section 2 Steering and Suspension

Steering control
Steering system
Power steering
Suspension- general
Front Suspension, wheel bearings and driveshafts
Rear Suspension and wheel bearings
Shock absorbers

Suspension Type Diagrams
Section 3 Brakes
Parking Brake Control
Hand operated brake control valves
Service brake control
Anti-lock braking and Electronic Stability Control systems
Mechanical brake components
Braking systems and Additional Braking Devices
Brake performance
Method of calculating brake performance
Examples of manufacturers plates
Brake efficiency tables

Section 4 Tyres (including roadwheels) 


Section 5 Seat belts and Supplementary Restraint Systems

Seat belts Requirements
SeatBelt Condition
Seat Belt Installation Check (class 4A and 5A only)
Supplementary Restraint Systems (SRS)

Section 6 Body Structure and General Items

Vehicle Structure, Body and General Items
Seats and Doors
Registration plates and VIN details
Load security, spare wheel and Carrier
Speed Limiters

Driving Controls (class 5 only)
Glazing (class 5 only)

Section 7 Exhaust, Fuel and Emissions: 

Exhaust system
Fuel system
Exhaust Emissions- Spark Ignition
Exhaust Emissions- Compression Ignition
Section 8 Drivers View of the Road 
View to Rear
Wipers and Washers
Section 9 Motor Tricycles and Quadricycles

1. Lighting

2. Motorcycle Derived Steering / Suspension Systems
3. Brakes
4. Tyres and Road Wheels
5. Seat Belts
6. Body and Structure
7.Exhaust, Fuel and Emissions
8. Drivers View of the Road
Appendix C :  
Structural Integrity and Corrosion
Appendix D :  
Tyre Size, Ply rating and Load Index

Issue Date 01 January 2012