Special Notices

Special Notices are memos that VOSA use to communicate changes within the MOT scheme. Copies of all those produced since 1993 are downloadable below:

Special Notice 09-11
Introduction of Testing Directive Inspection Manual Changes, Amendments to MOT Testing Guide

Special Notice 08-11
MOT Seminars 2012

Special Notice 07-11
Testing Directive Inspection Manual Changes

Special Notice 06-11
Plain Paper MOT Documents

Special Notice 05-11
MOT Computerisation Service Provider, Emissions Data Book, SN 6-2009, Plain Paper MOT Documents

Special Notice 04-11
VTS Laser Printer Roll Out

Special Notice 03-11
Site Assessments, revised Best Practice Guide, Quality Control Checks, Austerity Measures

Special Notice 02-11
Quadricycles with Hydraulic Parking Brakes, Amendments to the MOT Testing Guide, MOT Text Reminder

Special Notice 01-11
Diesel Smoke Limits from 1 July 2011, Advance Notice of New Equipment Required on 1 January 2012, Mandatory Five Year Motorcycle Refresher

Special Notice 09-10
Recording of Tyre Tread Depth Gauge (TDG) and VOSA equipment calibration dates

Special Notice 08-10
MOT Seminars 2011, MOT seminar 2011 Booking Form

Special Notice 07-10
Seating Capacity of passenger Vehicles with Wheelchair Tracking

Special Notice 06-10
Amendments to the MOT Testing Guide

Special Notice 05-10
Spark Ignition Engine Emission Testing on or after 1 August 2010, Headlamp Images, Disciplinary Action and Repute within the MOT Scheme, Removal of Hard copy Leaflets from the MOT Scheme