If you are not satisfied with the way your test was conducted, please let your local Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) office know.
This enables VOSA to make sure MOT test stations are providing a good service. Contact the VOSA area manager at your local office. The address is shown on the fees and appeals poster at your MOT test station or you can ring our MOT status check service on 0870 3300444 (national rate). For all VOSA's contact numbers and addresses, visit their corporate site:.

What if you disagree with an MOT result?

If you disagree with the test result firstly discuss it with the test station if possible, and do not let anyone carry out repairs to your vehicle.

What if I think it has wrongly failed?

You must complete an appeal form (VT17) obtainable from any MOT testing station or by calling the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), on the MOT enquiry line - 0845 600 5977. Completed forms need to be returned to VOSA within 14 working days of the test along with a full test fee. VOSA will then offer an appointment within 5 working days to recheck your vehicle. If your appeal is successful some or all of the test fee will be refunded to you. Do not have your vehicle repaired before your appeal is considered, as any change to your vehicle may affect the outcome of the appeal.

Can I fix the vehicle myself?

VOSA will supply you with an inspection report listing any vehicle defects and advisory items following their check of the vehicle. Anyone can repair the vehicle, but all rectification work will be assessed (using the criteria specified in the MOT inspection manual) before an MOT certificate is issued.

What if I think it has wrongly passed?

These cases usually relate to recently purchased vehicles and you should let VOSA know as soon as possible. VOSA will then offer an appointment within 5 working days to recheck your vehicle without charge, provided:

.not more than 28 days have elapsed since the MOT test
.not more than three months have elapsed since the MOT test for a rust or .corrosion related problem

What action can I take against the garage?

VOSA cannot request compensation on your behalf - you can however take action in conjunction with your local trading standards department, take out proceedings personally or refer the matter to the police.

Any subsequent action VOSA decide to take against the garage that tested your vehicle is done at their discretion, and should have no bearing on any action you may decide to take.