Do you need an MOT and Servicing?


A lot of people wonder if you pass your MOT, then why do you need to pay money to service your car as well. They ask themselves ‘Arent an MOT and servicing the same thing? If my car passes its MOT, do I still need to get it serviced and why?’

Well, an MOT and a vehicle service are not the same thing.

MOT and Servicing differences

The MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is a vehicle inspection to confirm that a vehicle is safe to drive on UK roads. A service follows the guidelines set out by the manufacturer and is created to keep your car working at peak performance and condition.

To ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy, it must pass its MOT, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the vehicle is in optimum condition. There are lots of things that can go wrong with a car, and they all have to be fixed. They can cause the car to fail its MOT, they can make the car less economical to run, or they can even make the car dangerous to drive.

A service check will check your car’s service history and condition, while an MOT will check your car’s performance and safety. Both are important, but only a service check will be able to replace parts, improving your car’s performance, economy and lifespan.

The reason why you need to service and MOT your car

If you own a car that is older than 3 years old, then you need to get an MOT for it every year. It’s a legal requirement and you need an MOT certificate to show your insurance company that your car is safe to drive and won’t have the potential cause hazards on the road.

Is a Service and an MOT the same?

No, a service is equivalent to an annual health check for your vehicle. The service your car needs is determined by its age and mileage, but a good service will help you to keep your car running safely and efficiently, which will maintain its value. You can use a franchised dealership where you can rely on original parts and technicians who have been trained by the manufacturer.

A well-maintained car will not have any major problems, but if it is not serviced regularly, you could negatively affect the long term health of the car and you could be putting your safety at risk. If you have not serviced your car for a long time, you should take it to a professional.

While an MOT service can check several areas that are covered by a service, it also focuses on the absolute minimum requirements for a car to be safe to drive such as the wipers, lights and bodywork. A car service will check on the overall health of the vehicle to ensure that it is running efficiently and can last many years with minimal issues.

To make sure your car is roadworthy, follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. If you don’t, you could be risking expensive repairs or even a failed MOT.

How much is a service and an MOT?


The cost of servicing your car will depend on the make and model of your car. Some models are easier to service than others, so you may get a better deal from a franchised garage than you do from a local garage. You’ll also get access to the original manufacturer’s parts and top-notch technical expertise. If you’re unsure, get a quote from a local garage so that you can schedule a service in advance.


The maximum amount that can be charged for an MOT test in the UK is £57.85 for cars and £29.65 for standard motorcycles. The price depends on the type of vehicle that you drive. The cost of your MOT and service will all depend on the location of your inspections/repairs and the make and model of your vehicle.