GPS Tracker – The ultimate anti-theft for your car


These days, protecting your valuables is a major concern as vehicle thefts have grown to be common and untraceable. According to the studies, thieves typically use 3 techniques to steal your car: signal relaying, signal jamming and key programming. However, the most common type of theft is signal relaying, as we learned from recent crime records. This means the burglars don’t even need your key to get in the car and escape with it.

With the advancements in computation and technology, keyless entry and ignition are standard features in most cars. Most cars nowadays use radio frequencies to communicate back and forth with the car and remote control just like any other device. Depending on the car brand, there are slight deviations in the frequencies, but the thieves can easily intersect and replicate these frequencies with a wireless transmitter and receiver.

So how will we protect our valuable vehicles from thieves?

The solution is simple, GPS Trackers.

Even if your car is parked safely in the driveway, it doesn’t take that big of an effort for an experienced thief to break in and escape with your car. However, if you have already installed a GPS tracker, that’s an assurance that you can find your car wherever it is, there are several features that GPS trackers come with which can help you ensure the safety and protection of your car. We will go over each of those, one by one.

GEO fencing

As the name suggests, geofencing is like defining a virtual territory around any specific area. It’s an invisible area that you designate as safe terrain for your car. It can be your neighbourhood, your office parking lot, or someplace else. Once the area is marked, you will get instant alerts or notifications as soon as your car enters or leaves that area. It’s a fool proof way to ensure that your car never leaves your vicinity without your prior knowledge.

Motion alert

This is also a highly recommended feature for GPS trackers. This feature ensures that you will receive notifications as soon as your car starts to move. Advanced GPS trackers like that of PAJ’s will also let you know of vibrations and motions of the tracker so you will know if the intruders try to damage the car or use brute force to break in. The major advantage of this feature is you get to know about the situation early and can respond quickly.

Signal strength

Another crucial way GPS trackers can protect your car is by having an excellent signal strength, thereby giving you accurate location data even if your car is in a remote location. Many uses Apple’s Air Tag or Bluetooth finders, but they don’t work as well if the car is taken away from you to a remote location. However, a GPS tracker is built to transmit location data even in difficult terrains. So having a dedicated tracker in your car pays off.

Alerts and trip history

GPS trackers are particularly effective against thefts because of their advanced features. Most GPS trackers come with several kinds of notifications and alerts. For instance, some have an ignition alarm that notifies you as soon as your vehicle starts. Then there is also the feature to let you know if the power to the GPS tracker is cut off. This allows you to know if the thief tried to tamper with the car.

There are also options to view the trip history for a certain period. This not only allows you to track the vehicle, but also see where it has been, and how it got there. Alerts and features like these are particularly helpful if you are requesting the help of law enforcement as they can collect valuable data about the behaviour of the thieves and plan the best strategy to recover your valuable car unharmed.


GPS trackers are very easy to buy and install these days. So, it’s barely a fuss for you but as you now know, comes with huge advantages when it comes to the safety and security of your cars. We hope to have helped you choose which GPS tracker to go for while considering options with these features. Please consider leaving your feedback or queries if you have any in the comments.