Prepare your car for returning to the office


If your car has been sat in your garage, on the drive or out on the street for the past few months, now is the perfect time to give it a little TLC. With many businesses looking to return to the office in the near future, getting your car ready now can save you a lot of hassle and stress later down the line! Here are some of the things you’ll need to do to make sure your set of wheels is road ready.

Get an MOT or book in for a service

Your car may have been sat for a while or you might have missed its last service because of the pandemic, either way you may need to get it booked in for a quick health check. You may find that a lot of the garages in your local area have a number of different options available, from a full health screening to a quick once over. If a check does show you need repairs, there are ways to spread the cost that can help you manage your budget.

What checks can you do at home?

If you don’t want to take your car in for a service or MOT, there are a number of checks you can do at home to make sure you’re ready to hit the road again!

Tyre pressure – many cars nowadays will have tyre pressure monitors built into their computer system. If yours hasn’t popped up but you want to check it, head to your local petrol station, check the number that indicates how high your tyres need to be, and use the machine to pump them up. It may only be marginal, but it’s important that your tyres are inflated to the correct level.

Check tyre tread – if you’re planning on taking your car in for an MOT, don’t forget that if your tread is under 3mm, it will fail. If you don’t have a tread checker at home, the simplest way to test them is to put a 20 pence piece into the tyre tread. If you see the rim of the coin, your tyres will need changing.

Other checks that are easy to do at home are:

  • Engine oil
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Windscreen for chips
  • Lights, indicators, hazards and beam lights

Make sure your finance and insurance are all up-to-date

Although there’s likely not a lot to do where your finance is concerned, make sure you check all your documentation is up to date. The same applies for your insurance, as you may have opted to register your car as SORN during the pandemic. If you’re looking to change companies, make sure you shop around on comparison sites to get the best possible deal!