8 Things to Check Before Your Car’s MOT


Ministry of Transport(MOT) test is an annual safety check to ensure that your car fulfils the minimum criteria for road safety standards. During the MOT test, your car will get a complete checkup for all its components. Here are the fundamental things that you should check before taking your car for an MOT test.

Brake fluid

Open your car’s bonnet and access your master cylinder when the engine is cool. You will find the min and max markings on the cylinder, make sure that the liquid is between the two markings. You can fill the brake fluid yourself but make sure that you purchase the right one for your model.

Brake fluid


Check all your rearview mirrors before heading for the MOT test as it can put a red cross on the form. The mirror that provides a rearview along with the offside vehicles, a mirror that provides the view of nearside vehicles, and an interior mirror that provides the back view. Check for the cracks and any fades on the mirror that can affect your view.

Warning lights

Make sure all your car’s warning lights are working fine. If the MOT picks up any damaged warning lights, you will fail the test. You can visit a garage to get this checked before you move to the MOT garage. Take the help of a professional if you have not done it before.


Ensure that your car tyres have enough grip and tread. If you are still using old tyres on your car, the MOT will mark your car unsafe for the roads. You can face a fine and three penalty points for every tyre. You can check the tread of the type with a coin, and if you can see the coin after inserting, it is unsafe for driving.


Main lights

Make sure all your main front and rear lights are working fine. Check the positions of all the lamps and whether they are lost or out of their positions. Even though it is not necessary for the lamps to be in their place, it will help you clear your MOT as it shows you maintain event he smallest things in your car.


Another thing that can become a problem in the MOT test is your horn. Make sure that the horn is not too loud or too soft. Fix the switch if it does not work on all occasions.

Check all oils

MOT will also test your emission levels. Make sure that you have all your oils renewed recently. Make sure the filters in your engine work fine and does not clog due to old oil.

Get your vehicle cleaned

Get your vehicle cleaned

It is obvious to say that you should be maintaining your vehicle all year round. Keeping it clean and checking all the parts time to time is a part of maintaining your car’s performance. Keep up your car’s performance, especially when you are using it every day.

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