Essential Tips to Prevent Your Car from Failing MOT Tests


MOT (Ministry of Transport) is responsible for your road safety. They conduct annual tests for your vehicles to make sure that they are safe for the roads. The MOT tests involve checking of all the fundamentals of your car, which you require to run your car at its best state. The MOT tests service centres are independent of any car manufacturers, which makes them totally unbiased for any car or company. No matter what car or vehicle you have, you will need to clear the MOT tests once in a year to ensure the safety of your family as well as others.

A normal MOT test can last for 45 minutes. During this time, the mechanics check the important parts of your vehicle to make sure they fit the legal standards of MOT. If any component is found faulty, you vehicle will fail the test. You will either need to replace the parts then and there or pay an additional fine if the repair can take longer. Some of the important components include lights, oils, tyres, steering, suspension, and mirrors. The price for the tests differ in different regions, but the prices can add up if you car needs replacements and repairs.

It is suggested that you run a personal test on your car before you take it to an MOT centre. With a little knowledge about your car, you can have the advantage of clearing the MOT test with ease. You can also use free online tools like car check for full car history including car model information, road tax details, full MOT mileage history and reasons for MOT failures.

Here are some tips on what you can do to help you pass the test:

Check your car lights

The car lights, including your headlights, rear lights, sidelights, indicators, fog lights, hazard lights, and brake lights, need to work properly to clear the MOT test. It is one of the reasons why people fail the test as they forget to check their indicators and warning lights before the test. You can either do it yourself or take the help of a mechanic.

Check the tyres

The tyres need to have the right grip and tread to clear the tests. Failing the tyre test can result in a penalty for each tyre. Bad tyres are dangerous in poor weather conditions. If you feel the need for replacing them do it before the MOT test as it can cost you double the price once you fail the test.

Check the oils

Check the oils

Make sure that all the oil components of your car are clean and have sufficient fuel. Keep a full tank before you visit the MOT centre as the mechanic will need to rev up your car for a long time to complete the test. The safest way is to fill every fuel to the top before you give the test. Having a little knowledge about the car oils can benefit better.

Keep your car clean

The first impression of your car can alter the mood of the mechanic who will check your car. If it is too dusty and poorly maintained, the mechanic will preassume that your car is not safe and will start looking for faults. But if you keep cleaning your car interiors and exteriors before going for the test, the mechanic will be happier to check your car and provide a good review.


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